These are dogs that have in some way contributed to our kennel.  Some were
bred by us and some we may have adopted, but all were (very important).  
Many have passed away. A few are living on someone else's couch.  They all
represent what we feel a Bernese Mtn Dog should be. Take a minute to visit
these wonderful dogs that have been dear to our hearts these past 25 years.
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Blue Mt's Viva Las Vegas  "Vegas"

Vegas was an amazing girl.  She made
beautiful and smart puppies.  Many went on
to be Therapy dogs.  Sadly, we lost her the
first of 2015 at 10 1/2 years old.  Miss you silly

BG# 25700

CH Blue Mt's Braveheart "Gibson"

Gibson was out of Winston.  He was a special
boy that proved to be very smart and witty when
it came to knowing people.  I miss him a lot.

Blue Mt's Roxanne  "Roxanne"

I loved this girl.  She had attitude!  Too much I
guess... never wanted to be shown and I wasn't
changing her mind.  Had one litter and that was
enough for her too, but she gave me very nice
puppies to go on with.  She passed away in 2011
from hemangiosarcoma.
BG# 25698

Blue Mt's Mae West  "Mae"

Mae is just 6 years in this photograph.  She is out
of Vegas and Sam.  Mae takes after her mother
with the "I am the princess personality." She is
very charming though.  Mae is now spayed.  
BG# 47308

Rosa's Blue Mt Effervescence  "Bubbles"

Bubbles is just what her name says.  She is
happy.  She produced very nice puppies with
great temperaments.  Thank you Rui for letting
me have one of the most wonderful Berners I
have ever had the opportunity to own.  

BG# 21291

Blue Mt's Special Edition  "Sam"

Sam was out of Lexi and Kohl. He is 3 years
old in this picture. Sam was a wonderful dog
that I will never be able to replace.   He has
produced great puppies with super
personalities.  He is and will always be MY
heart dog!!  Sam was what I felt a Berner
should be, from the inside out.  Rest well my
sweet boy.
BG # 24039    

Rosa's Landmark Long Kiss Goodnite

Hannah is co-owned by me and Rui Rosa.  
There is some amazing longevity behind
this girl.  Boy does she have a personality!  
It's a good thing I have all these bossy
girls to keep me on track.  Her hips and
elbows are clear.  Eyes are clear.

Blue Mt's One Vision for Susa "Taylor"

Taylor is co-owned by me and Kim Doig
(her mommy).  She is out of Eve and
Mar-Tea.  I think this is a wonderful
combination of pedigrees that offers good
health and longevity.   Her hips and elbows
are clear.  Eyes are clear, vWd clear, and
DM normal.
Taylor is retired now.
BG# 81602